How To Succeed Online – 7 Secrets To Online Marketing Success

How to suceed online in Nigera. Marketing and sales Nigeria

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The first goal of every business owner is to make sales. Without sales you wouldn’t be in business after all. At a time like this when businesses have gone global every business owner should have a way to harness the power of the internet to bring in sales.

It goes without saying that to bring in massive sales – which Is your objective – you need to master the process of online marketing.

I see many business go about this the wrong way…and that’s why I’m putting out this article to show you the complete guide to marketing successfully online.

This guide is by far the surest path for you to succeed online growing your business or just simply selling more stuff. Follow it step by step.

  1. Carve Out A Niche:

 Ever heard the popular saying “The Riches are In The Niches?” Be known for something specific. Target a narrow niche. Be super specific. Laser-focus. When in doubt, go narrower but deeper than others in your field. For example, if you’re in the weight loss industry, instead of being a generic “Weight loss coach”…you could try and narrow down to “Weight loss trainer for women.” To be ultra specific, you could even go narrower to “Weight loss coach for women who just had a baby.”

Carving out a specific niche for yourself makes you a specialist in that niche and you will get more targeted business and even command premium fees.

  1. Give Something Valuable Away Free:

Within your narrow specialty, create a blog with a newsletter (or course, collection of tips, series of mistakes to avoid, seasonal recipes, any regular communication) that demonstrates your expertise and is so helpful, interesting and informative, your prospects will want to keep getting it regularly. 

You know why this works? I’ll tell you why.

Think back to the last few major purchases you made online. Did you just buy from the first dealer you saw? I’m thinking not.

You likely did a bit of browsing around, comparing prices and available info on the product/service first.

And you likely ended buying from the dealer with the most relevant info – in simple words – you likely bought from the dealer that appears more like the expert.

Let’s face it; the new-breed of consumers want expert information before they make a purchase.

As a savvy marketer, exploit this new breed of info-hungry consumers – You serve them what they want and they in turn buy from you – it’s a win-win.

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  1. Promote Your Blog/Free Newsletter Every Way You Can:

Promote in Facebook groups, Facebook ads, Google ads, social media, articles you write for the media or blogs, speeches before trade groups, press releases, radio interviews, communications with your customers, take-ones at related retail outlets, space ads, newspaper classifieds, direct mail, co-ops and swaps with others in your industry, etc. Bottom line, to remain at the top of your prospects minds, you should explore any and all avenues depending on the size and scope of your business.

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  1. Capture Email Addresses:

 You’ve probably heard the common saying that “The money is in the list”. So true.

Give away your valuable free tips on your website so you can build a targeted list of ideal prospects. But do so only in exchange for an email address when someone signs up for your newsletter. 

Consider offering one of your best free and most valuable tips in the form of a free report to induce people to sign up. This automatically gives you permission—and the means—to stay in touch with your market, building your most valuable direct marketing asset, your list. 

Don’t make the mistake of thinking this is only meant for service businesses. It’s also valid for product-based businesses.

A pharmacist client of mine who sells health products for High blood pressure put out a really valuable article for HBP patients …something like “5 Steps to control high blood pressure.”

It worked really well for him and attracted tons of his target customers.

Yep, you guessed right …he’s sells more HBP related products in one day than most top pharmacies do in a month!

  1. Heap On The Value:

Work hard to make your free newsletter so valuable and interesting; your prospects eagerly open it.

Just as in romance, woo your new prospects with your charms and pearls of wisdom – you’re the expert in your niche after all. Go deep. Give insights that only an expert would know. Keep your insights not only useful but relevant.

Don’t be shy about opening up and getting personal. Become a friend.

A common error here is to keep bothering your new prospects with sales pitches. You don’t want to do that because it could make them hit the unsubscribe button quickly!

Resist the urge to keep bombarding them with sales pitches.

Your goal: get your prospects into the habit of welcoming your emails like love letters because they are so valuable, useful and interesting…not in the habit of deleting them on sight because they are self-serving sales pitches. The rule: establish trust, credibility, authority and expert status before you sell.

  1. Never Sell Hard In Your Newsletter Or Free Report. Instead, Dance The Two-Step:

The biggest mistake even savvy marketers make in their newsletters is selling too much, too soon, too hard, and too often. Let your newsletter be a refreshing fountain of value. Always, and especially in your first several communications, let the value of your free information far outweigh your sales copy.

Eventually, after you’ve proved your value to readers and it’s time to sell something, dance the two-step…

First, mention that you have a great product that enhances the valuable, free tip you’ve just shared in your newsletter. To learn more, “click here.”

Second, when readers click on the  “Click here” link, they land on a dedicated page elsewhere, where you can sell your product or service as hard as you want.

In other words, never sell too hard, too often or too early in your newsletter. Doing so makes your reader perceive it as yet another pesky salesman on the prowl, not a trusted source of value.

Once your prospects categorize your newsletter as sales hype, you will lose them in droves. Game over! Their door will shut and their minds might forever be closed to you. Your emails will bounce off their inbox.

In your eagerness to sell, you will have trained your best prospects to shun you. You will have taught the legions of people who were ready to trust you, who had hoped you were different, to conclude that you’re just like all the rest—just another “me-first” marketer pushing too hard to sell, not serve.

Once you’ve painted yourself into this portrait, your identity remains fixed. Every time your prospects see your name on an email, they’ll automatically think “sales pitch” and most will delete you on sight. You will have committed list suicide. Don’t make this fatal mistake!

Remember—use your blog post/newsletter to deliver pure, rare, refreshing, beautiful and relevant value—interesting, useful tips that your market is yearning for and delighted to receive.

Your free value should impact on them so much that you’ve got them in that state of “what next?”

Introduce sales messages only occasionally, briefly, lightly, as I’ve described above, using the soft two-step — tying a brief mention of your product into the valuable tip you’ve just shared, then using a link to a hard-selling page that’s elsewhere.

  1. Rinse, Repeat and Re-use Steps 1 – 6.

Repeat these 7 simple steps for every product or service you want to sell or for every business you’re in.


That’s all there is to it.

It doesn’t get any simpler than this. There will always be new “gurus” trying to sell you their stuff by making it appear complicated.

My advice?

Stop chasing new stuff or looking for “the latest marketing trend” and stick to a proven and evergreen route that never fails.

Are there other ways you can successfully sell your product or services online? Probably– mostly on a short-term basis without longstanding success! But for me and others I respect in sales and marketing, this has been our go-to lane.

Did you notice what I did here?

This simple, 7-step plan is a good illustration of giving value away for free—highly concentrated packets of knowledge…small, fast, powerful and immediately useful to your reader.

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