How To Attract Your Ideal Customers And Increase Sales

How To Attract Your Ideal Customers And Increase sales. Attract customersIf you could go to your business every morning with a 100% assurance that a steady flow of your ideal customers would walk in through your door, how would that make you feel?

If you are able to attract prospects who are predetermined to become your customers, how much easier would that make running your business for you?

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You’ll notice that I wrote “ideal customers”. A lot of business owners make the mistake of thinking that the more people they can bring into their business, the better. But this is so wrong – unless you’re Coca-Cola or a multinational bank with unlimited resources i.e!

Attracting the wrong type of customers into your business can lead to undue headache and wasted energy.

You’d have to spend time and resources on teaching them why they need your services/products. You’d have to teach them to value what you offer. Heck; you’d even have to make out valuable time and resources to explain the relevance of your products/services and probably still get a “duh” look from them!

This isn’t a smart approach for you as a business owner.

My candid advice to you: In my book Business Big Time, one of the wealth creation nuggets I shared is “Get in front and lead a crowd of people who are already marching; not to get uninterested people to start marching.”

In simple words: Attract your target audience of already motivated prospects.

So, how do you begin to do this? Here’s how

1. Narrow Down Your Target Market

When I ask business owners who their target market is, I often get the typical response “everyone”.

You can’t possibly be targeting everyone because in reality, this means no one. When you target “everyone” in your business, you’re like a hunter with a gun in the middle of a thick forest filled with a variety of choice game animals, shooting your bullets in every direction in the hope that one of them will hit the intended target – the sad reality is that most times, you never do.

You need laser-like focus on a narrow target market, also known as a niche. If you want to be mega-successful in your business and have the power to grow exponentially, you have to narrow your niche.

So, what’s a niche? [bctt tweet=”A niche market is a focused, targetable and profitable portion of a market.” username=”DilimOkeke”]Niche marketing - attract ideal customers

To illustrate this, let’s look at a hypothetical scenario. Let’s say you sell a body moisturizing lotion.

The market you want to target is broad: adults who need to moisturize their body. And then you tell yourself “Everyone needs moisturizers, so everyone is my target”, right? Wrong.

The stark reality is that you’ve got major competition, and they are quite a popular choice in the market. Big brand names in the market and they’ve got multi-millions in marketing budgets helping them reach that same pool of customers you want to reach.

But instead of trying to market to all of the body moisturizing prospects, what if you went about it a little differently? What if you decided to narrow your niche?

“Body moisturizing lotion for women with cellulite”

Now your target audience is specific (still a bit broad but will suffice for illustration purposes) and your marketing messaging is going to be on point.

If you’re a woman with cellulite concerns, would you opt for a generic body moisturizing product or would a product targeting this specific problem grab your attention? Most likely it would.

See how narrowing your niche works in your favor?

When you have a solid target market like that in place, and marketing that speaks directly to that market’s needs, you can expect a high conversion rate in your sales.

2.  Define Your Ideal Customer Profile

Properly defining who your ideal customer is will help you deliver a clear message and attract the customers who value your offering. Identifying your ideal customer profile will help target your marketing – (by the way, I’m assuming you’re putting out some form of marketing for your business? I hope you are – we’ll talk about your marketing in details in subsequent posts).

For this, you need to get into the mind of your prospects. Dig deep. Ask questions. At the very least, try to become them in your mind. Put yourself in their shoes.

Still using the body moisturizing example above, “Body moisturizing lotion for women with cellulite.

Use these 4 baseline characteristics to profile your  Ideal Customer – Ready, Willing, and Able.

       i. Ready

  • They have cellulite problem they need to have solved.
  •  They know they have the problem of cellulite to solve.
  • The cellulite problem is acute and possibly gives them sleepless nights … there’s a sense of urgency you can take advantage of.

      ii. Willing

  • They’re ready to solve that problem by taking action
  • Better still if they’re already exploring options to solve that problem
  • There’s a strong motivation driving change: A need to look young, spouse not liking the cellulite, inability to dress as she wants, low-self esteem e.t.c

       iii.  Able

  • They have the means to solve the problem (i.e. they have the money)
  • They have the authority to solve the problem
  • The way you sell matches the way they buy.

These 3 characteristics are often enough to draw up a basic and simple ideal customer profile. I often include a fourth characteristics for my ideal clients though:

       iv. Acquisition Efficiency

  • This means that it’s cost-effective to get your marketing message in front of them
  • Your target customers can be located easily
  • They are affordably reachable.
  • Their lifetime value to your business is high (I.e. they are likely to stay longer with your business for more purchases)

Based on this, if I were to draw up an ideal customer profile I want to attract, a quick draft would look something like this:

Gender: Woman

Age range: mid 20’s – 40’s

Work: Gainfully employed or in business.

Stylish. Self conscious. Urban settlement. Access to the internet. E.t.c.

For emphasis, I repeat: Having a clear definition of who your ideal customer is one of the most important things you can do for your business.

3.  Know Where To Find Your Ideal Customer

So where can you find them? Are they online or offline? If online, where do they hang out? Are they on Facebook, Instagram or twitter? Are they part of any easily accessible groups? Do they have major influencers you might need to reach first? What associations do they majorly belong to? Can you access them via any forum? What websites do they likely visit? What blogs do they likely read? What are likely words they will use in searching for a solution? What other interests do they have? Do they like sports? What about reading? Are they likely online shoppers or would they rather walk into a brick and mortar store?

In short, what do you know about your ideal customer? If you haven’t been able to narrow down the who you want to attract, you’ll find it difficult knowing where to find them.

If you can find out where your target market can easily be reached, then you’ve got a goldmine in your hands and you can mine out this gold simply by putting a relevant message in front of them and directing them to your offer.

Putting it more directly, you’ll find more of your ideal customers by intercepting them wherever they are looking for someone like you.

COCA-COLA, MTN, AIRTEL, JUMIA, UBA – these can afford to throw out adverts and marketing messages randomly and all over the place. You can’t. And you shouldn’t. Go directly to where they’ll most likely be found.

4. Use The Right Bait To Attract Them

Once you know where your ideal customers are, you have to create the right bait to attract them. By bait, I do not mean something that appeals to you.

This is where a lot of people get it wrong. You want to put out bait that appeal to your prospect. It’s got to be something that your ideal customer will pay attention to, find valuable – and more importantly, it must be closely related to your offer.

For instance, in one of the marketing campaigns we ran for a building and plumbing materials sales company, we offered “Free Expert Installation” as bait. This bait worked great for us, because we knew that installation was often a problem for the untrained but pretty much routine for the company.

We also knew that except you have a building project at hand or within reach, you wouldn’t be interested. That way, we eliminated the possibility of attracting people who would sign up for anything that reads FREE online (seriously, there are people like that. Lots!).

Within days of launching this new offer, we had hundreds of ideal customers lined up to take up our free offer – and of course, buy ALL their building and plumbing materials from my client!

The marketing starts from your bait.

The quality of the customers you attract is also in your bait.

Using wrong bait – no matter how appealing it might be – will only bring in a wrong crowd with little or no value to your business.


What can you offer that gets your prospects attention? So much so that they give you permission to market and sell more to them?

Give away a useful and ultra-targeted resource that your ideal clients will find irresistible.

Final Words

When you determine who your ideal customer is and what they want, it becomes incredibly easy to attract them. These are the customers that pay you well. Pricing becomes irrelevant and focus is more on the quality of your work.

These are are also the customers that will scale with your company as you grow and most times, they become willing advocates for your business.

That’s it.

Even if all of this sounds like a lot of work, it actually isn’t. And it is work totally worth doing if your goal is to scale your business and grow your revenue long-term.

Next Step

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What do you think? Have you targeted your customers correctly? Leave me a comment in the comment box and I’ll be waiting to answer your question


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