7 Keys To Get New Customers Every Day

7 Keyys to get new customers every day in Nigeria

The old marketing is dead…

If you’ve been struggling to attract new customers/clients (offline or online), you need to switch from the traditional marketing to creating “systems”.

I’ll explain…

As a young teenager of about 12 years, my dad would put my house wear clothes in the car every morning and drop it off in the shop. After close of school every day I would go straight to my dad’s shop to help out.

As young as I was, I loved the entire buying and selling process. I helped out even till I graduated from the university…yep, so many years.

Back in the days, we really didn’t need to market…customers just came to us.

All we had to do was open shop, sit and the customers would come in. On good days, we would make good sales and on bad days, we would go home empty-handed filled with hope that there will be sales the next day.

Today, things are different.

Times have changed. 

The competition is bigger and there’s desperate scrabble for available customers.

The “open shop, sit down and hope syndrome” is the major problem of most small businesses today.

It’s a sad reality…and it’s killing more businesses today than you can imagine…

My parents business only taught me how to sell …(and heck, I could sell the pants off anyone literally!) but I needed customers to do that.

…And that was when I realized one very important thing

A business is nothing without customers! how to get new customers nigeria

Gush! I tried everything…

I tried Facebook ads. I tried Google ads, banner adverts on high-profile blogs, sponsored articles, SMS marketing, blogging and so on. I even dabbled into SEO but still…my results were poor and I was totally frustrated from all the money I was losing!

At this stage I was a little beyond frustrated.

I asked myself so many questions:

Was I even on the right path? If I quit now, what other options were there for me? How on earth would I face people if I failed (Ok, this one is a bit silly but it bothered me to appear like a failure!)? What about the rising bills? And my dreams and ambitions for me and my business? Everything seemed truly hopeless.

My Breakthrough Moment…

As last resort, I decided to look up a marketing mentor that I had been closely following for a long time.

Frankly, it wasn’t an easy decision because back then, I viewed every marketing “guru” on the internet with great skepticism kinda like “yeah right, i’ll pass.”

But you know when you’ve reached a point where you’re desperate for results…I knew I needed help. It was either I got help or totally settle for low sales and a mediocre business. I wanted more.

Do you know the first thing my mentor taught me?

I’ll tell you:

“Great businesses are built on solid Marketing for Profits Systems!”

He made me realize that I had been building my business solely on tactics and strategies. Both are good but without a marketing for profits system in place every tactic or strategy is meaningless.

He told me I needed a marketing for profits system in place so I could effortlessly:

  • Increase the number of prospects I attract
  • Increase the conversion rate of my prospects to paying customers
  • Increase the value or worth of each customer…

A Good Marketing For Profits System Comprises The Following Steps:

1.)  Lead GenerationThis step is crucial. It’s the first thing you must learn in Marketing For Profits System. This is where you capture the attention and interest of people who are currently in need of what you’re offering, or who might need your products/services in the nearest future. If you do not know how to capture their interest…they wouldn’t even know you exist.

You literally “force” your prospects to notice you.

2.) Lead Nurturing – This step positions you as your prospects ONLY choice. This is where you make your competition become irrelevant to your prospects. Done correctly this step does a perfect job of moving them closer to making a buying decision. Not to worry though…this step is automated and nothing fancy.

3.) Lead Conversion – Simply put, this is when there is an exchange of money from client and customer to you.

The Marketing for Profits system is really a simple system. Once you get the hang of it, it makes running your business infinitely easier.

Suddenly it all made sense.

With a marketing for profits system in place I went back to running Facebook ads, Google ads, banner ads  e.t.c and my results have been – put simply – phenomenal!

I’ve been running this marketing for profits system for over 7 years for my businesses and currently help others flood their businesses with more customers than they can possibly handle using the same system.

I won’t be able to teach you everything you need to build a solid marketing for profits system on this page but, I’ll give you the 7 essential keys you need.

 The 7 Keys You Need to Build a Solid Marketing For Profits System:

  1. Lead capture websites
  2. Newsletter
  3. Niche blog
  4. Free report (your irresistible lead attraction tool)
  5. Email sequences
  6. Social media
  7. Email auto-responders

The secret is to strategically combine these 7 things and you will never have to worry about customer drought or low sales ever again!

Here’s the beautiful part:

A well structured marketing for profits system works on autopilot – simply put – you do all the work once, set up your system once and watch your marketing system do all the magic for you.

Your Marketing For Profits System will:

  • Show you how to flood your business with new qualified leads without you having to seek them out.
  • Help you nurture your prospects until they buy.
  • Help you sell more of your products/services…no matter your type of business.
  • Make all your advertising efforts produce excellent results…this way, every money you spend on Facebook ads, Google ads etc returns a good profit.

I’d love to help you too…

Do you want to create your own Marketing For Profits System…so you can attract more customers, double your sales and multiply your profits quickly?

Then subscribe to our special Marketing For Profits newsletter below…

Join over 8,000 readers just like you, and you’ll get detailed marketing information …so you can start seeing results within the next 30 days.

…remember, counting on luck and hope is a disastrous marketing strategy!



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  1. Angela
    Angela says:

    Very informative article. I think what i like most is your transparency.
    I’m interested in your offer. How do i get it? Thanks Dilim.

    • Dilim
      Dilim says:

      Hi Angela. Thanks for stopping by.

      To get the offer, please follow the directives on the offer page, okay? Thanks again.


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