Have you ever experienced going to a very busy Nigerian market to shop and have several merchants struggle for your attention with each one prompting you to come get “the best” and “the original” only from their store?

Some even go as far as groping your hands?

Yep, that’s the kind of business environment I grew up in.

Back in the days as a very young teenager, I helped run my parents business. We had this usual brick-and-mortar store located in a highly competitive market – I would go to the store after close of school every day and on Saturdays.

I remember how we competed for customers – we sometimes had 3 or 4 or even 5 people grope the approaching prospects’ hand in an attempt to get them into their shops ahead of others.

The prospect would often get shoved in different directions until someone succeeded in getting him/her inside their store. In fact, it used to get so bad that sometimes they would break free from everyone’s hold and make a run for it!

I always found this amusing but I knew for sure that I couldn’t compete that way. For starters, I was too scrawny (and the only female amongst really rugged and determined boys) to pull anyone and I certainly didn’t care one bit for the “killing glare” the prospects gave either before deciding on which store to enter or before deciding to leave the arena entirely!

So I had to devise other means to get my share of customers.

I learnt quickly that to remain and make profit in any business, you need strategies (an aside here – do you want really cool and proven strategies to insanely grow your business and multiply your profits? Hurry and Click here!).

Scrawny me (really, you should have seen how scrawny I was!) didn’t stand a chance in pulling and shoving prospects so I had to devise smarter ways to get my targets in the door.

Those were the days!

I thrived on the marketing and sales, I enjoyed the raw competition and the bargaining. Devising different strategies to lock down near-impossible sales always lifted me to another level of high. Long story cut short: I lived and breathed “Daddy and Mummy” shop even till I graduated from the university!

Looking back, I think it’s quite funny that while most of my peers were into making new friends and possibly getting into the dating game, I was “practicing” the perfect pitch to convert each category of new prospects to paying-and-repeat customers.

Fast forward to the present: Strategies – usually simple strategies develop any business.

Marketing and advertising may get your prospects in the door, growth-based strategies make them buy and convert them to repeat customers that will stay with your business.

Back To the Basics

My name is Dilim Okeke. Serial entrepreneur, small business growth strategist, work-from-home enthusiast, wife and gleeful mother of four (quite a handful!), diligently practices her degree in Chemistry “concocting stuff” to grow waist-long hair (concoction not working –yet. Shhh!),  author of the strategy book – Business Big Time.

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